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Perhaps you moved to the Czech Republic and you still doubt whether it is important to learn a new language when many local people speak English. Is Czech worth learning? Yes, without a doubt! It will help you not only to communicate better in any social environment, also, perhaps when asking directions. It will also benefit you in shops, in offices or with your Czech friends, partner or relatives. You will also gain a better understanding of Czech culture and the Czech way of thinking.

If your work involves regular contact with Czech speakers, conversing with them in their own language will greatly assist in accurate communication with them. Knowledge of Czech may also increase your chances of finding a new job. Also, if you plan to study at one of the Czech universities, speaking Czech will be a necessity. 

Perhaps your reasons for learning are different, for example, wanting to get in touch with your roots or you simply like traveling. Perhaps Czech culture and linguistic interests or you just want to try something new.

Whatever your reason, make the Czech language your new hobby. Your added language skills will give you new confidence! Welcome the challenge and expand your horizons!