Personal Information

My name is Andrea Mezerová and I am a full time, freelance, Czech language instructor, who specializes in teaching "Czech For Foreigners'' via Skype. I can say I am an experienced, friendly and patient teacher, but above all, I am passionate and enthusiastic about teaching students online. 

Education and Experience

I completed my Master's Degree in the Czech language and literature at the University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, in 1996. After graduation I taught children for 10 years in the public school systems of Prague and Ostrava; in addition, in 2010 I also started teaching Czech for foreigners via Skype. Teaching via Skype became my full time job starting in April 2011.


Currently I am giving lessons to students from all over the world, who want or need to learn the Czech language for personal and/or professional reasons. Although Czech grammar is a challenging issue, I always try and do my best so that my classes are not only educational but also interactive and fun.

Where do I live?

I am based in Kopřivnice, a town located in the eastern part of Moravia, set in a charming geographical setting, near the beautiful Beskydy mountains.Neighboring small towns like historic and picturesque Štramberk or Hukvaldy make this region even more attractive and worth visiting.


My most enjoyable interest is my work. I also enjoy listening to music, playing the piano, playing table tennis, cycling, walking, meeting friends and of course spending time with my family and my two sons.