Czech lessons via Skype

Are you thinking about Czech online lessons via Skype? An excellent idea! Why not use technologies that a modern life brings to us? Online classes are suitable for students of any level from beginners to advanced.

Why use Skype?

- good way to learn and practice a language

Skype video and audio interaction allows us to communicate effectively. During our live Skype Czech lessons we can also exchange instant messages to confirm the spelling of new words.

- comfortable place to learn

Take your Czech classes from the place that is most convenient for you whether it is in your home or your office. Don't bother with traffic! It is the fastest and the most efficient way to learn.

- reasonable prices

Thanks to the fact that there is no commuting and no additional payments for hiring classrooms, the prices for the lessons are reasonable.

When are lessons scheduled?

At a time that is convenient for you. You can schedule your lessons to fit in with your own lifestyle

How do the online classes work?

It is very easy. Before each lesson I will send learning documents to you, where you can find everything you will need for the lesson - explanation of grammar, texts, exercises and descriptive pictures. 

Enjoy the freedom of learning Czech when you want and where it is most convenient for you...