Meghan, USA

Ahoj! I started learning Czech with Andrea about six months before moving to the Czech Republic for a ten-month student exchange. A year after starting lessons with her, I can say that Andrea really helped me, and changed the course of my exchange. I arrived in the Czech Republic with a comfortable command of basic phrases, a good bit of essential vocabulary, and a framework for navigating complicated Czech grammar. In other words, she gave me a huge head start. My host family and classmates were amazed at the amount of Czech I spoke when I arrived, and knowing a bit before I came allowed me to learn more quickly once I arrived in my Czech-speaking school. I didn't always love the textbook we used- some activities seemed less useful than others. But Andrea was flexible and patient, and I feel very lucky to have found her lessons before going on exchange.

Mikel, UK

When I started learning Czech with Andrea, I was a complete beginner. Now I am able to speak Czech with my work colleagues in Prague, Ostrava and Brno and I can speak confidently with Czech people I meet in my daily life. One of my proudest moments was when Czechs stopped answering me in English and started replying in Czech! This would have been impossible without Andrea's help. Andrea is an excellent teacher. She carefully prepares lessons to suit each individual's ability and speed, she is patient and is very good at explaining even the most complex aspects of this difficult language. Czech can initially seem impossible to a foreigner but Andrea has helped me navigate a route around it so that every day I feel increasingly confident speaking. I very much recommend studying with her.

Liran, Switzerland

My name is Liran and I live in Switzerland. I study Czech because I have a family in Budweiss and I would like to communicate better with them and with the people from this pretty and very interesting country.

I can definitely recommend Andrea. She is a very professional and serious teacher, helpful and motivated. Thanks to her, I am now able to speak and understand people during my visits. I can even have some chat with the locals in the pub 😊

The teaching material is excellent and the schedule is flexible. If you want to learn this beautiful but not easy language, Andrea is the right person for you!

Lavinia, Brazil

I have been taking Czech classes for 3 years now. During all this time, Andrea made it fun and objective. Aside of the textbook, she provides other kinds of exercises where you learn" how to think in Czech" and conversation skills. Another advantage I've got having Czech lessons with her is the possibility of a flexible schedule. More than once I had to postpone a class and she always got me a new class schedule. Czech is a difficult language, but with the right teacher and effort I will get there.

Hotze, Netherlands

I have been taking Czech lesson with Andrea for about 3,5 years. I started studying Czech because my wife was born in Prague and we raise our children in Czech and Dutch. I would like to communicate with my Czech relatives in Czech.
Now i can say i can communicate with my family in Prague. I would recommend Andrea to anyone who wants to learn Czech. She is very patient and doesn't mind explaining some things very often. She is also very flexible with the times for lessons. With my busy working schedule that was very helpful.

If you want to learn Czech in an efficient and relaxing way, I would say - go for Andrea!